Meet Elyse


Elyse Cosgrove tells stories with her camera. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, she also “gets” business and start-ups.

Elyse studied advertising and photojournalism at Chapman University's film school, then worked for Sundance Film Festival.  She got her start in front of the camera modeling for Nike, anchoring the news for an online broadcast, and made appearances in numerous network TV shows filmed in New York City. This conditioned her to learn how to direct talent. Elyse transitioned behind the camera when she moved to DC, working as a broadcast news writer & producer for China Global Television Network.

This offbeat career path was the perfect recipe to lead Elyse to discover what she loves most – visual storytelling for creative individuals and businesses. She has traveled the world to find and show the stories of people who are driven to create something. She is inspired by the stories of each client she chooses to work with and thrives in helping them grow through their work together.

What’s your passion? Your product? Your brand?  There’s a story to share there! Even if you don’t know what it is yet….

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